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We are now looking for our 14th Laureate of the Student Peace Prize! The nominations are researched and evaluated by the Nomination Comittee, before their report is sent to the Peace Prize Committe, which will then select the winner. The winner is announced during the fall of 2024.

The prize will be awarded in March 2025, during the International Student Festival in Trondheim. 

In order to proper evaluate and research the nominees, we need some information about the nominee, as well as your contact info, in case of questions regarding the nomination.


According to the statutes of the Student Peace Prize, the nominee must fulfill the following requirements:

  • The nominee is a student or a student organization (a student is someone enrolled at a higher education institution

  • The nominee is working to promote peace, democracy or human rights in a non-violent way.

Send in nomination by 


Thank you so much for the Nomination! We will reach out if we have questions.

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