The Peace Committee 2021 
Behind from the left: Johanne Geisler (from the Nomination Committee), John Peder Egenæs, Christian Borch, Herman Siggerud.
Middle from the left: Maika Marie Godal Dam (from the Nomination Committee), Emma Bø, Joachim Børlie, Hilde Restad, Tilde Dalberg.
In front from the left: Gro Lindstad, Sunniva Folgen Høiskar

The committee in charge of choosing the winner for the 2021 Student Peace Prize

The Peace Committee is the organ that decides on the next laureate of the Student Peace Prize. The committee consists of both students and proffesionals on democracy, peacebuilding, conflict or human rights. 


Sunniva Folgen Høiskar – Chair of the Peace Committee – Leader of SAIH

Christian Borch – News anchor, journalist and author 

Gro Lindstad – Leader of FOKUS 

John Peder Egenæs – Secretary-general of Amnesty International Norway

Hilde Restad – Associate professor, Bjørknes Høyskole

Joachim Børlie – Head of International Affairs, NSO

Emma Bø – Board member of NSO

Herman Siggerud – Leader of the Student Parliament at the University of Tromsø

Tilde Dalberg – Member of the Student Parliament at NMBU