Guest post – reflections from Aayat Alqormozi

The Peace Project and Aayat during The Walk of Peace Photo: Bendik Skarre Abrahamsen

It was so hard to leave Norway after the enjoyable 22 days. Additionally, it is not easy to choose a day or an event as the best. Everything was on the point. All the events, trips and meetings was extraordinary! All the people from the volunteers to the participants were so friendly and lovely to the extent that make the farewell so hard!

Visiting The Dialogue Groups at Røros. Photo: Håkon Noren
Aayat in Tromsø, before visiting Amnesty Region Nord. Photo: Ingrid Eriksen

The snow was amazing! I love the white because it always reminds me of the peace! I traveled to many places in Norway. I’ve been to Tromsø, Trondheim, Røros, Oslo and Kristiansand. I built many of unforgettable memories in all of these cities. And I learnt more and more from each and every person that I have met!

I heard about many struggles and uprisings that I have never heard before. Actually, that what I was looking for! Meeting many people and listening to their stories and about their countries. They are really inspiring people who filled me with energy and power to continue my work and keep going!

Dinner with Hajer Sharief (The Student Peace Prize Laureate 2017). Photo: Håkon Noren
Aayat with the norwegian national costume “bunad” during the Closing Ceremony of ISFiT 2017. Photo: Håkon Noren

What I have seen in Norway make me believe more and more in the power of education. Also, it makes me believe more and more in youth and their bright minds! If I keep writing about The Student Peace Prize and ISFiT, and about my memories in Norway, I will not be able to stop at all. That is why I kept it so general. At the end I just want to say: Thank you to the volunteers in The Student Peace Prize and ISFiT, I love you all!

Best regards, Aayat

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