The Students Peace Prize (SPP) was established in 1999 – a initiative from volunteers at the International Student Festival in Trondheim (ISFiT). It is awarded every two years to students or student organizations working to promote peace, human rights and democracy. 

The Prize is awarded on behalf of all students in Norway, while an independent Student Peace Prize Committee makes the selection itself. The election happens through the independent committee for the Students Peace Prize, while the award it self, takes place during ISFiT’s own award ceremony.

To this day, nine students and student organizations from Burma, East Timor, Zimbabwe, Colombia, Thailand/Burma, Western Sahara, Croatia, Iran and Bahrain have received the prize.

Students often play central roles in peace processes and make sacrifices to strengthen human rights. Despite their great engagement, they don’t get a lot of attention around their work for peace, and therefore the student peace prize is an important factor for their appreciation and respect. The prize is a way to support and recognize the brave people in the world that fight for a better future.

Student Peace Prize and ISFiT also support the previous laureates work for peace. This is as project called the Peace Project which aims to be a follow-up project on behalf of the winners wishes for support.

The winner of the 10th Prize, and the Student Peace Prize 2017, will be announced the 29th September 2016 at the Student Society in Trondheim, Norway.