Aayats birthday and horseback riding in Tydal

Hello dear readers!

During Aayat’s visit to Trondheim both she and all the volunteers in the Peace Project have had pretty busy schedules so we made sure to have some fun and relaxing breaks! We kicked this off on the second day of the festival with a traditional Norwegian birthday celebration for Aayat.

Happy 26th birthday, Aayat!

The current and previous Student Peace Prize team and Aayat’s host family were all invited. The celebration had to include the birthday song and cake – of course! In addition to this we added some fun traditional party games such as the “chair game” and “put the heart on the ISFiT-horse”. We all had a great time and the birthday girl was very happy.

Who will be the next “Hi-Ha-Ho”-champion?
Aayat Alqormozi, Ingrid Eriksen and Inga Mageli
One of the two birthday-planners, Emil Vengbo!
Where is the free chair? And who will see it first?


The Peace Project and Aayat were so lucky to visit the Patrusli farm in Tydal. It was quite an adventure, both in finding our way there and to have dinner inside a lavvo! Once we arrived at Patrusli we were dressed up in warm suits (which we truly appreciated as it was really cold) and picked out our favourites among the Icelandic horses. We rode to the lavvo and warmed up there, and afterwards Aayat got to try out the unique speed of the Icelandic horses with a round of “tølt”. It was a great experience in the Norwegian nature and it was the perfect break from our busy schedules in Trondheim.

Ready for horseback riding in the snow! Photo: Håkon Noren
Aayat and her horse for the day. Photo: Håkon Noren
Thank you for an amazing evening, Atle! Photo: Håkon Noren

Thank you so much Atle from Patrusli Farm for having us, we really had a great time!


Peace out,

Guri Strand Karlsen, Ingrid Eriksen and Håkon Noren

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